X6 | Fucking Images

X6 adresses the exertion of force by the Brazilian state to suppress collective insurgency, focusing on how the dynamics of violence operate on the body. Built from audio descriptions of videos published on youtube registering police actions, the performers activate in real time a choreographic structure that proposes to reflect on the dynamics of violence in democratic contexts.

Developed through the research program Bodies and Democracy, organized by Artea in collaboration with Matadero Madrid 2016-17



Túlio Rosa
By and with
Túlio Rosa, Janaína Carrer, Talma Salem
In collaboration with
Nina Giovelli, Julian Pacomio, Noemi R. Oncala, Guadalupe Mora Reyna, Luis Alberto Zamorano
Rosa Casado, Iker García


Teatro Solis / Bullshit Uy!
Montevideo, Uruguay, 11.2018
Rua das Gaivotas 6
Lisboa, Portugal 03.2018
Teatro Pradillo
Madrid, Spain 10.2017
Museo del Chopo/ Bullshit Mex
Mexico City, Mexico 08.2017
Matadero Madrid_Nave 16
Madrid, Spain 03.2017

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