X1 | Pink Bomb

The first experiment of the project was a series of actions performed at public spaces that explored the ideas of insubmission and resistance in relation with the dynamics of city. The work was created during an artistic residency in Buenos Aires, with the collaboration of 15 artists selected by open call.

Tulio Rosa
By and with
Flor Firvida, Ale Machuca, Anderson Feliciano, Cammila Gómez Grandoli, Daniel Alejandro, Diana Isabel Parra Paceres, Diego Murmis, Christophe dos Santos, Fabo Gonzalez, Hyngrid Bermann, Jay Boy, Juan de Dios, Julia Martinez Herrera, Luna Sarsale, Maria Sajoux, Maria Sander, Nadia Lozano, Natalia Alselmi, Renaud Semper, Sebastián Guttman, Solange Bonfil.
Nicolas Lodigiani – RAMA Artistic Network
Club Cultural Matienzo / Festival LODO


Plataforma LODO
Buenos Aires 06.2015

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