Under de Si

Under de sí is a great boxing ring: visitors can decide from which angle they will enter this labyrinth made of different situations representing a network of bodies, substances, merchandise and materials, which cannot be told one from the other; a universe that is familiar and strange at the same time, tragic, funny and fictitious. A single-gesture dance: a GIF, a symphony of minimal actions, a photography where the present is seen like a museum, a photograph of »the future» as a museum, a training camp, a place for meditation…

Under de sí reflects upon the link between physical exercise and fiction, between action and image. It explores the relationship between human bodies and merchandise, and above all, the blurred limits between these objects, materiality and the »human» element. It looks into the construction of our own image as a theatrical act. In a flat space, with no center, numerous performers will repeat different behaviors at the same time, as rituals of daily life taken to an extreme of deformity: they will seek to resist, adapt and overadapt to an unstable system.

How much reality can fiction stand? This question was the starting point for Diego Bianchi and Luis Garay to create Under de sí, a work that escapes all artistic labels and challenges the limits of performance, sculpture, theater and happening. The mise-en-scene naturalizes all measures: Disaster reaches such prominence that it becomes the only possible Truth.

UNDER DE SI is a production of TACEC, Experimental Centre of Teatro Argentino de la Plata. Co-produced by Malta Festival Poznan Poland, the Wiener Festwochen (Viena Festival) and the first Performance Bienal of Buenos Aires.   


ARCO Madrid – Naves Matadero
Madrid, Spain, 02.2017


> Matadero Madrid