Generate, degenerate, regenerate. The capacity of affection and transformation of a space-network by the actions and affections of its components.Re(de)generation is a choreographic, site-specific installation, built by threads that connect space and objects, and whose bodies are invited to pass, be and inhabit the installation. A neural and social network’ that exchanges information from the pulsations of its inhabitants. A space to be activated by the public as well as by specific choreographic actions throughout the time of the installation.



Janaina Carrer
Barbara Hang, Laura Barragán, Túlio Rosa, Noemí Oncala y Janaina Carrer.


Hosek Contemporary
Berlin, Germany 07.2019
Surge Festival
Madrid, Spain 05.2019
Centro Cultural de España / Bullshit Fest
Uruguay, 11.2018
Teatro Pradillo
Madrid, Spain 06.2018


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