Moçafiesta + Talvez um happening

‘Moça Fiesta’ and ‘Talvez um happening’ are two experiments that are connected by the same field of interest: the sonorities of the eletronic music and the characteristics of the parties as tools to produce performative contexts. The work explores the problematic around the notion of authorship and investigates the possibility of a structure that is capable of dissolving the roles of performer and audience.

The research was developed in 2013 and 2014, through the Plataform ‘Exercícios Compartilhados’, editions III and IV, coordenated by Adriana Grechi, in São Paulo.

Creation and Performance
Túlio Rosa
Artistic Orientation
Adriana Grechi
Plataforma Exercícios Compartilhados
Juliana Melhado, Monica Galvão, Camila Bronizesky


Galeria Olido
São Paulo,Brasil, 04.2014
Sala Renee Gumiel, FUNARTE SP
São Paulo, Brasil, 07.2013

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