Me comma you and I

‘Me comma you and I’ investigates the possibilities of the relation between performer and audience in the construction of interactive works. The project explores the tensions between the notions of private and public, between pleasure and violence.
Inspired by a fragment of the book ‘The thief’s journal’, by Jean Genet, the performance plays with the sexual lubricant as a symbol of power inside the sexual relations, and also as a texture for the appearance of a dance and an other kind of intimacy.

Creation and performance
Túlio Rosa
Aline Bernardi, Isabella Duvivier, Luan Cassal, Geandra Nobre, Rico Garcia, Rui Alves, Pedro Vieira
Seu Vicente Artistic Residency, C.E.M, Camara Municipal de Lisboa.
Coletivo Qualquer, Ana Bevilaqua, Heder Magalhães

Project awarded with the Exchange and Cultural Difusion 2012 Fund [Ministry of Culture of Brazil] for the further development of the research in residency at the city of Lisbon, Portugal. 


> Centro de Artes da Maré
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 12.2012
> Ponto de Cultura Circuito da Dança
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 12.2012
> Galeria Boavista
Lisboa, Portugal, 05.2012
> CoHabitar Ciclo de Intervenções Artísticas e Improvisação
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 04 06.2012
> Festival de Performance de Belo Horizonte
Belo Horizonte, Brasil, 10.2011
> Mostra Angel Vianna
Rio de Janeiro, 12.2010


> Compartilhar a Experiencia (PT)
Article written in collaboration with Luan Cassal