Materiales Encontrados

‘Materiales Encontrados’ is a choreographic research developed by Ana Paula Camargo, in collaboration with Túlio Rosa. The project takes as a starting point the relation between the body and the environment to investigate how our connections with the world (from desire, necessity, utilitarianism, productivity / unproductivity, social automatisms) are stablished. The body and environment relationship defines us continuously not only as singular bodies but as a social body. And from this perspective arises the question that oriented the project: if we modify our relationships with other bodies in the world, animated and inanimate, is it possible to build another way of being in the world? The research was developed during the MPECV, in Madrid, and further on in residency at La Poderosa, in Barcelona, Spain.

By and with
Ana Paula Camargo and Túlio Rosa


Matadero Madrid, Nave 16
Madrid, Spain, 06.2017
La Poderosa, Barcelona, Spain 07.2017


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