Here and Elsewhere

Taking as a starting point the study of artists who have explored the position of the foreigner in different contexts, Here and Elsewhere proposes a journey through images and stories, highlighting how the act of seeing can affect our bodies. Mainly based on two sources, Susan Sontag’s short story ‘Project for a trip to China’ and Jean-Luc Godard’s and Anne Marie Mieville movie ‘Ici et Alleurs’, the project explores the idea of postproduction, appropriating, interpreting and reinventing materials produced by others in order to create a new narrative.

Here and Elsewhere adresses the Syrian crisis from the perspective of a foreigner, trying to understand how the production and consumption of images operates in our times, not only as a subproduct of a conflict of such dimensions, but as a part of the conflict in itself; and question the position and responsability of the consumers in relation to those events.

Creation and performance
Túlio Rosa
Juan Valente (Berlin/Buenos Aires), Kay Katchatryan (Yerevan)
Ana Luiza Fortes, Magdalena Brezzo
Hosek Contemporary (Berlin)
Mariam Aleksanyan (Yerevan)
Plataforma Lodo (Buenos Aires)
Research Residencies
ACSL – Art Commune (Yerevan, Armenia)
Mobility Support
European Cultural Foundation / Compagnia de San Paolo – Step Travel Grant
Matheus Gumerato, Linda Toivio, Susanna Gyulamyriam, Gagik Ghazareh


> Hosek Contemporary | MS HeimatLand
Berlin, Germany 09.2018
> NPAK Center for Contemporary Experimental Art
Yerevan, Armenia 10.2018
> Club Cultural Matienzo
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 11.2018
> Swinton Gallery
Madrid, Spain, 02.19