Clusters (Aglomerações) is made by ephemeral events, actions that happens without order or connection, in a diffuse and simultaneous way, concentrated in the same space during a certain period of time. Just three elements are previously decided: date, space and duration. Inside this frame, everything is possible and nothing that happens can be excluded. ‘Aglomerações’ proposes a place to destitute of hierarchy and divisions, a field of possibilities that is shaped by the desire and the bodies of who appropriates it.

The project have its origin in the field of performative arts, and goes through references as the Situationist movement, the concept of relational aesthetics, and the problematic around the notion of authorship. ‘Aglomerações’ invests in the possibility of a radical experience, defining just the most basic and essential elements necessary for the realization of an event. There is no script, no instructions, or rules. The limits of each edition are created in real time, in a constant negotiation between the participants.

The project gave origin to the residence/laboratory ‘Territórios de Emergência’ [emergency territories], coordenated by Aline Bernardi and Túlio Rosa, and toke place in Buenos Aires, in February 2014, as a colaboration between RAMA [Artists Internacional Network] and the Club Cultural Matienzo.

Concept and Proposition
Túlio Rosa
In collaboration with
Aline Bernardi, Ivna Messina, Nicolas Lodigliani, Sabrina Cassini, Eva Jarriau, Natasha Voliakovski, Hyngrid Bermann, Sofia Lopes Mañan, Flor Firvida Matin, Florencia De Giovanni Pacini, Brenda Taubin, Pablo SZ, Guz Shugyo
RAMA [Red de Artistas], Marte [Matienzo Artes Escenicas], Club Cultural Matienzo, Má Companhia
Grupo Z de Teatro, Luciano Rios, Dinho Araújo, Paula Baró, Thomás Braune, Caio Zanuto, Isabella Gonçalves, Felipe Rocha, Chico Lima


> Casa da Lagartixa Preta
Santo André, Brasil, 07.2014
> II Festival de Arte Contemporanea do Maranhão
São Luis, Brasil, 05.2014
> Club Cultural Matienzo
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 02.2014
> Mostra OFF
Vitória, Brasil, 11.2013


> Aglomeraciones, by Laura Derpic