Ad Extra

Ad Extra addresses the politics of free movement within European space (ad intra), in contrast with the hardening politics of its exterior borders (ad extra). The project takes the historical mark of 1989 to explore how its historical materiality – the legacies of its images, its political and social embedded discourse – might constitute a powerful tool to critically address the present.

The project departs from the analysis of photographs taken during the fall of the Berlin wall, in contrast to the ones recently made in Melilla at the fenced border between Spain and Morocco. The performance creates a visual materialization of the real scale of both images by using a choreographic system of proportions and measures that draws visual abstract patterns from the objects the images depict. Simultaneously, it addresses the EU legislations and policies regarding the free movement of people. Through time, the performance stages a visual device that allows the emergence of a set of relations between images, narratives and political discourse.

Ad Extra happens in the space between two images, in the silence and contrast that this encounter produces. It is a series of lines, of measures and itineraries that unfold through space, an attempt to give body and matter to a narrative encapsulated in a frame.

By and with
Túlio Rosa y Beatriz Cantinho

in collaboration with
Janaína Carrer y Ana Paula Camargo

DT Espacio Escénico

Residencias Paraíso 2019 (Galicia) y Hosek Contemporary (Alemania)

Research Residencies
Fundación Luis Seoane-Residencias Paraíso (A Coruña), Kunstencentrum Vooruit (Gent, Bélgica) y Mala Voadora (Oporto, Portugal)

José Miguel Neira, Marieke de Munck y Petr Hosek


> DT Espacio Escénico
Madrid, Spain 02.2020
> Mala Voadora
Porto, Portugal 10.2020

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