7Podcasts was originally produced for the Festival Surge Madrid, and consists in a fictional audio piece, divided into seven parts and designed to be listened in temporary situations.

Based on the appropriation and rewriting of the short story ‘Project for a trip China’, by Susan Sontag, the project addresses the images that circulate through media about the Syrian Revolution to reflect on the foreigner’s gaze, the ways in which we look at images and how we relate with what seems to be alien to our realities.

Written in the early 1970s, Sontag’s text consists of little paragraphs, a collection of images and stories triggered by the planification of a trip to a place where she has never been. Her own memories intertwine with both fantasies and historical facts, unfolding in a multilayered perspective on China, beyond clichés and commonplaces. Similarly, the project plays with the idea of two dimensions, the actual place and the other, often exoticized version of our imagination, to propose a process of self-criticism: how do we look at the others?

7Podcasts navigates the imaginary produced around Syria through a series of stories that articulate the ways in which the country was represented in film and literature with concrete elements of its political and social history. The project proposes to reflect on the ethics of representation and the status of images as instruments for political consciousness, by rewriting personal and collective stories in order to create new narratives and perspectives.

As an attempt to produce a gesture of approximation, 7Podcasts invites the listener to engage in a relationship with the history, images and stories of that place, while questioning the limits and boundaries of our own perception.

The project is part of the research that Túlio Rosa has been developing since 2015 about the dynamics of circulation of images of violence, and its relation with the body.