X2 | Pink Head A performance created by Túlio Rosa and Leonardo D'Aquino taking as a starting point the questions and images raised in the first period of research. The performance investigates the dance as a political dispositive and a dissident practice. A form of action that tries to escape from the current and established way of thinking, a movement that claims for different possibilities of existence, beyond of what is acceptable and desirable, beyond control and normalization. By and with Túlio Rosa and Leonardo D'Aquino Production Katarina Barbara Support Center Plesa Maribor / GT22 Transnational Guerilla Art School / GT22 Intimno Gledalisch Maribor, Slovenia 07.2015 > Video > RTV4 Interview (SL/EN)   >X6 | Fucking Images / Performance  >X1 | Pink Smoke | Performance  >X4 | I'm just describing | Performance >X5 | Lado A/Lado B | Vídeo  >X3 | Black Smoke Man | Vídeo 

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